Well Yankee fans, we have three months of blissful dreaming about a super-young, lower income-earning New York Yankees team.  I mean, think about the possibilities of fielding a group of players that stand a chance at staying healthy for the next five to ten years.  Many blessings for Frazier, Mateo, Torres, Sanchez, and Judge (and welcome back, Chapman!)

I thank the Yankees for picking up Matt Holliday from the St. Louis Cardinals, who will be turning 37 this January 15th.  When he is healthy throughout the season Matt can match his age in homers.  With an exit velocity of 95.26 mph, left fielders have much to fear.  Matt Holliday also excites the crowd consistently with game-winning hits (93 career game winners under his belt) so, pinstripers will be looking forward to that.

Notable #17 uniform wearers: Oscar Gamble, Ricky Ledee, Dwight Gooden, Lance Berkman, Oscar Gamble, and Bobby Richardson (from ’55-’56), and now Matt Holliday!

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